Southern Roots

Jane, Kim, and Cori met in Tampa in 2005 at New Identities Hair Studio. They each trained under the same stylist using Redken principles of design and color.

They had no idea their friendship would be the foundation for a future salon in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bound

Stuart and Clair Fraser opened The Owl & The Pussycat Salon in 2012. The goal was to establish a neighborhood salon with a laid-back atmosphere staffed by dependable professionals who knew how to make people feel at home.

Jane was the salon's first stylist. She immediately recognized the salon as unique to the neighborhood. Stuart and Clair were setting up a salon that was savvy and sophisticated, but also approachable and familiar.

Jane quickly became essential to the salon's operations. She was a senior stylist who was also responsible for managing the rest of the team, finding new talent, and more. She was delighted to invite Kim, who had been living in Brooklyn for several years, to join the salon in 2013. And they were both thrilled when Cori moved to the city as well and joined the team in 2014.

The Tampa Trio Take Over

Stuart and Clair had been living in Scotland for some time when, in 2016, they handed ownership of the salon over to Jane, Kim, and Cori.

The trio now have something they've always dreamed of: They own a salon with a history of exceptional service and top talent — one that they can perfect to produce carefully crafted, yet effortless styles every day of the week.