Christine Arndt

OPC Salon Stylist Christine Arndt

Christine believes that when you look good, you feel good — and feeling good gives you the confidence to put your best foot forward and achieve amazing things. Christine loves to create looks that are tailored to each client's unique style and attitude. She sees making people feel their best as an honor and a privilege. Christine has 10 years experience in the industry, beginning as a receptionist in her hometown in Wisconsin. She's studied fashion in Chicago and sustainable design here in NYC. Christine's eclectic background informs her approach and inspires clients and colleagues alike.

Christine sees clients on Tuesdays and Fridays through Sundays.

what clients are saying

Christine was amazing and cool and gave me a great cut. Already getting lots of compliments from friends!
Christine was just fantastic! Warm and friendly, confident and professional. I got a good vibe from the whole salon actually. Thanks! I’ll be back.