Our Commitment to You

Our goal is to give you quality service that maintains the integrity of your hair. If your hair requires additional care, we'll always communicate price changes with you clearly and in advance.

Cody cutting hair at OPC salon

Cut & Style

Prices are based on which stylist you see.
The length and density of your hair may influence pricing.


+ Haircut $60–$95

An invigorating shampoo/cleanse, luxurious scalp massage, and haircut. Your stylist will give you a haircut tailored to the shape of your face and the texture of your hair. All of our haircuts are finished with a complimentary blow-dry that will make you want to show off your new cut!

+ Barber Cut $35–$55

A short haircut using barber clippers on the sides and back of the head.

+ Child Haircut (Ages 5–10) $30–$50

Children's haircuts are available Tuesday through Friday. Blow dry not included.

+ Blowout $40–$60

We will shampoo, condition and massage your scalp before giving you the blowout you and your hair deserve. Price depends on length and/or density.

+ Flat iron/Curling iron $15

$15 per 15 minutes. The price is based on the time spent achieving the desired style.

+ "Keratin" Smoothing Treatment: Starts at $300.

We use Pravana Perfection, which is not a keratin-based treatment. It is a solution that is free of formaldehyde, cocamide DEA or MEA, phthalates, and other hazardous chemicals. This non-toxic, smoothing treatment safely transfoms coarse, frizzy hair to smooth and shiny hair with results that last 8–12 weeks.

+ Bang Trim $15

We will be happy to maintain your existing bangs/fringe between haircuts.

+ Beard Trim $15

Keep your beard looking nice and neat with a little TLC from our stylists.

Cori with a client at OPC Salon


Pricing for color services is based on which stylist you see.
Consultations are required for corrective colors, fashion colors, and major changes.


+ Color Retouch $65–$85

One color, permanent or semi-permanent, applied one inch from the scalp. (Up to 4 ounces; additional color is $10 per ounce).

+ Color Gloss $45–$55

A gloss is used in conjunction with color retouch. The gloss will refresh the tone while enhancing shine.

+ Platinum Blonde Retouch $145–$185

Lightener is applied one inch from the scalp to lift your natural hair color to a pale yellow. A toner is then applied from scalp to ends to remove any unwanted brassy undertones that are exposed in the lightening process. The toner process is a necessary step that is included in the price. Additional lightener may be required for hair with over 6 weeks of regrowth, resulting in additional color charges.

+ Toner $45–$55

Semi-permanent or permanent color applied from scalp to ends after a lightening service to either neutralize, naturalize, or enhance the tone of your desired color.

+ Partial Foil Highlights $130–$190

11-30 foils to brighten and lighten around the face and on the surface of the hair. Hair will be its natural color in the nape (underneath) area. A toner is usually required.

+ Full Foil Highlights $170–$225

31+ foils. If you prefer to have the nape (underneath) area as light as the surface, we recommend a full highlight service. A toner is usually required.

+ Balayage $185–$240

31+ foils. If you prefer to have the nape (underneath) area as light as the surface, we recommend a full highlight service. A toner is usually required.

+ Conditioning Treatments $15

Let us custom blend and lock-in a nourishing treatment for your hair with Redken’s Chemistry System. This two-step process is quick and beneficial, increasing the longevity of your color, moisturizing, and strengthening.

+ Olaplex/Ph Bonding $40–$55

These treatments seek the broken bonds in hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. They help reduce the amount of breakage during a chemical service or restore hair that is already compromised. Price depends on length and amount of hair.

+ Color Correction

Priced upon consultation.

+ Virgin Application

You've never colored your hair before? Let's discuss your desired result along with the best combination of services for you and your hair. Priced upon consultation.

wedding & special occasion services

Wedding & Special Occasion

Whether it's an updo, a braided style, curls or waves, we can help you look your best at your next event or special occasion.


+ Special Occasion Styling $80–$120

Special occasion styling is usually performed on hair that hasn't been shampooed for 24 hours (does not include a shampoo/blow dry).

+ Bridal Trial $80–$120

Let your stylist turn your inspiration into reality with a pre-wedding trial for your hair. This gives your stylist an opportunity to learn your hair's personality and your personal preferences.

+ Bridal (Wedding Day) $125–$165

We would love to be part of your special day! For the most streamlined experience, we recommend a pre-wedding trial as well.